MSiI3.1 (BL)

Anno accademico: 2022–2023
Corso: Mediazione linguistica – lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Mediazione scritta IN inglese 3.1 (MSiI3.1) BL
CFU: 2,25
Docente: Mafalda Rossi (


The course introduces students to the features, formal process and conventions of sworn translations (traduzioni asseverate). It takes the concepts of contrastive analysis to a different level by focusing on the challenges associated with translating certified documents. Students learn the importance of thorough and accurate research to solve the divergences between Italian and English legal and financial terminology. In the absence of equivalence between the two languages, students become familiar with using a form of literal translation that is both accurate in terms of the SL and understandable to the TA.

The programme continues to explore the role of the translator in the “real world”, as introduced in MSil 2. It further highlights the importance of accuracy and specialist knowledge, together with the associated responsibilities and legal implications when dealing with sworn translations.

The student simulates the role of the Translator by completing a series of translation exercises in which they:
• Follow the conventions of Sworn Translations
• Compile a Glossary of typical terms & phrases used in legal documents
• Answer the 3 key strategic decisions of the Translator
• Apply translation and research methods
• Adapt terminology to reflect the target culture
• Understand the use of literal translation that is accurate and understandable to TA
• Identify key lexical, grammatical and syntactic issues
• Analyse pragmatic and semantic features and their impact on the translation
• Understand the importance of accuracy and research in producing plausible TT.


By the end of the module, students will be able to:

• Follow a translation process to provide a plausible TT

• Answer the 3 basic strategic decisions of the translator

• Apply the concepts of contrastive analysis

• Compile a glossary of typical legal terms

• Apply research strategies to solve divergences between Italian and English legal and economic texts

• Understand the impact of semantics and pragmatics on the translation process

• Understand the formal process and conventions of sworn translations.


At the end of the module students will be expected to sit for a 2-hour exam where they will be asked to choose from 2 texts and produce a written translation from Italian into English in sworn translation format. The texts will be of a similar type to those dealt with during the course.

Students will be expected to:
– follow the conventions of sworn translations
– compile a Glossary of terms with relevant resources.

Assessment Criteria:
1  Accuracy: Understanding of Meaning
2  Knowledge & Use of Vocabulary
3  Command of Syntax & Grammar (Spelling/ Punctuation)
4  Ability to use Appropriate Register & Understand Cultural Context
5  Fluency & Adaptability in Style
6  Decisions of Detail: How to Deal with Translation Issues


Typical legal and financial documents that require certification: birth certificates, pending legal proceeding, diplomas and degrees, contracts, financial statements etc.

All course material will be provided by the instructor.