MSiI2.2 (L)

Anno accademico: 2021–2022
Corso: Mediazione linguistica – lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Mediazione scritta IN inglese 2.2 (MSiI2.2) – Materiale promozionale L
CFU: 2,25
Docente: Kathleen Marie Hughes (


The course will provide students with further practice in translating a variety of text types sourced mostly from promotional materials. Students will analyse the text and be encouraged to identify potential problem areas relating to lexico-grammatical and syntactic issues, followed by considerations concerning pragmatic and stylistic features. Students will encounter a range of linguistic features commonly used in promotional texts. Comparative analysis and parallel texts will be used to help students develop and apply strategies to produce a plausible target text in English. The course is language- and direction-specific, i.e. Italian–English.


By the end of the module, students will be able to:

• distinguish between register and tone of various source texts

• make a critical semantic and grammatical analysis of the target text

• identify divergences in grammatical structures and provide acceptable equivalents

• make choices regarding the cohesion of the target text

• recognise and correct unauthentic language features of the target text

• provide a plausible target text in English 


At the end of the module students will be expected to sit for a 2-hour exam where they will be asked to translate a short text (approx. 200–300 words) from Italian into English. The text will be of a similar type to those dealt with during the course. Alternatively students may be asked to work on a “mini-project” which would entail a longer text (500-600 words). In this case the student would be expected to give a detailed bibliography including all websites consulted for use as parallel texts and all support materials (online and hard copy) used.


Promotional material, for example tourist guides, travel brochures, museum guides, newspaper articles etc., provided by the course instructor.