LI3 (L)

Anno accademico: 2021–2022
Corso: Lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Lingua inglese livello 3 (LI3) L
: 5
Docente: Dott. Debbie Kathryn Becht (


By discussing images, listening to audio/video interviews and presentations on daily life, and writing essays, proposals, stories and articles, we will explore the lexical, grammatical, stylistic and register complexities that exist in the English language.

Lexical terms that will be studied include: the family, work, language terminology, the environment, time, phrases with get, sounds and the human voice, money, and history and warfare, among others.

Grammatical aspects that will be discussed include: the uses of have, linkers, pronouns, the past, distancing, get, speculation and deduction, adding emphasis: inversion, participle clauses, unreal uses of past tenses, and discourse markers: adverbs and adverbial expressions, among others. 

Typical situations will be presented using standard, every day, formal and informal language, and particular attention will be paid to socio-cultural aspects of the English language.


  • The course will introduce students to the theory and practice of the English language at the Advanced C1 level.
  • Emphasis will be placed on image, audio, and text analysis as well as lexical and grammatical constructions.
  • Finally, socio-cultural understanding and colloquial expressions will be explored.


Students will be assessed in two ways:

  • An end-of-the year written exam including vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. This in-class exam will last 2 hours and make up 70% of the total grade and
  • Student participation in class, which makes up 30% of the total grade, will be continuously assessed throughout the year.



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