LI3 (BL)

Anno accademico: 2020–2021
Corso: Lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Lingua inglese livello 3 (LI3) BL
CFU: 4,5
Docente: Kathleen Marie Hughes (


The course will provide students with language training and development at C1 level and will cover all language skills. Authentic and semi-authentic reading texts, and podcasts on a variety of topics, (with an emphasis on business, economics, commerce, and tourism) will be used to analyse lexis, grammatical structures, register and features of spoken and written discourse typical at this level. This will include lexical work covering collocation, colloquial language and idiom, and micro-language related to the area of business, commerce, and tourism; advanced grammar structures including inversion, mixed conditionals and revision of the tense system; discourse markers for both formal and informal speech and writing. Students will be encouraged to use new language and structures to develop and defend arguments, express feelings, speculate and hypothesise in controlled language practice sessions covering a range of interactive situations including, discussions, debates and presentations. Reading and writing assignments will be set for home study and will include a variety of formats, including reports, formal letters, contracts, press releases.


By the end of the module students will be able to:

  • speak on a variety of topics using a smooth and accurate flow of language
  • maintain coherent, well-structured speech using connectors and cohesive devices
  • choose appropriate language from a broad repertoire available to them, according to register and function
  • understand both gist and detail of complex reading material
  • understand both gist and detail of complex authentic listening material


Students will be assessed throughout the course on both their classwork and homework. Students will be required to give a short presentation (7-8 minutes approx.) on a topic of their choice and be prepared to answer questions on it. During the course, students will also be required to submit  six to eight written assignments (approx. 220 words each) which will be assessed as part of their final mark. The final exam (2 hours) will cover all skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and the final mark will be weighted 30% coursework, 70% final assessment.


Compulsory texts:

Latham-Koenig, Christina, and Oxenden, Clive. English File Digital, Advanced Student’s Book & Workbook. Oxford: OUP, 2015.