LI2 (BL)

Anno accademico: 2022–2023
Corso: Lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Lingua inglese livello 2 (LI2) BL
CFU: 4,5
Docente: Kathleen Marie Hughes (


The course will provide students with language training and development at upper B2-lower C1 level and will cover all language areas, with particular emphasis being placed on speaking and listening skills. Authentic and semi-authentic reading texts, video clips and podcasts on a variety of topics will be used to analyse lexis, grammatical structures, register and features of spoken and written discourse. Students will be encouraged to use new language and structures in controlled language practice sessions covering a range of interactive situations including, discussions, debates, interviews and presentations. Those aspects of pronunciation which cause major difficulties for Italian speakers will be analysed and students will learn strategies to help develop fluency.


By the end of the module students will be able to

  • speak on a variety of topics using appropriate and accurate language
  • express, justify and ask for opinions, ideas and information effectively
  • respond to verbal prompts appropriately
  • maintain a coherent flow of speech for a short period
  • understand the gist of a range of spoken materials
  • understand the detail of a range of spoken materials
  • understand the gist of a range of written materials
  • understand the detail of a range of written materials
  • produce a variety of written materials (narratives, reports, letters) in an appropriate style and register


Students will sit part of the final exam at the end of the first semester (30% of final mark) and will only be tested on reading and writing skills (2 hours).The final 2-hour exam (70%) will cover reading, writing, and listening skills and use of English. Students will also be expected to give a short presentation on a topic covered during the course.


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