LI1 (S)

Anno accademico: 2021–2022
Corso: Lingua e civiltà – lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Lingua inglese livello 1 (LI1) S
CFU: 4,5
Docente: Gabriella P. Watkins (


This course aims to provide students with training and development by covering the main language areas: grammar, primarily consolidating tenses, and putting them into practice;  vocabulary, high-frequency and topic based; pronunciation, including awareness of word and sentence stress;  and the four skills. These will be practised using materials which should motivate students to contribute their own knowledge and experience; the objective being to ultimately reach a B1 level or above (Council of Europe Framework) . The range of materials used will be audio and video clips, exposing students to a wide range of accents; reading texts adapted from real sources with articles, reviews etc. used as models for their writing, all dealing with  an ample variety of general topics. Language practice sessions will adopt presented language and structures, encouraging students to use them in a range of interactive situations including discussions, debates, presentaions etc.


The  main  aim  is to provide a good  foundation  for communication and in particular:

• To develop fluency  and  the  ability  to  speak coherently for a short  period  of time  using appropriate  words  and  phrases  necessary  to discuss  a variety  of everyday topics,  activating  grammar  that  has  been

• To be able  to express  one’s  opinion  and  justify it, and  subsequently  ask  others for their ideas  in an appropriate

• To be capable of describing experiences and events.

• To be able to understand the main ideas, or details, or attitude and opinion in spoken language and in written texts, dealing with various everyday topics relating to personal experience, leisure, work or news.

• To produce written pieces of work appropriate in style, register, detail and coherence, dealing with a variety of tasks such as letters, emails, reviews, telling a story, and descriptions.

Modalità di valutazione

Continuous assessment of students and their class work and homework, and in particular listening and speaking skills, will take place throughout the course, and be weighted at 50% of their final mark.

A final assessment, weighted at 50% (1 hour and 45 minutes), will consist of a written exam where students will be tested on their reading and writing skills, and will also be tested on use of English.


Libri di testo obbligatori:

Oxenden, Clive, Christina Latham–Koenig. New English File Intermediate, Digital Gold, Third Edition – Student’s Book. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.

Libri di testo facoltativi:

Murphy, Raymond. English Grammar in Use with answers, Fifth Edition. Cambridge: CUP, 2019.