Anno accademico: 2019–2020
Corso: Lingua e civiltà – lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Avviamento alla mediazione orale inglese (AMOI) BL
CFU: 2
Docente: Parasathai Naidoo Vasie (


Students will be provided with language training and development with a particular focus on speaking and listening skills. Pod cast ,texts, video clips, and listening exercises on a range of issues pertaining to general culture will be used to improve comprehension and improve and enrich vocabulary. Students will be encouraged to listen for contextual meanings, key idea, paraphrase, and summarise. Written texts will also be used to introduce students to elements of sight translation. Controlled oral practice will develop students’ public-speaking abilities, focusing especially on coherence and delivery. Shadowing exercises will also be used for fluency and memory training.students will also be encouraged to think in English and to translate by paying attention to the context of the phrase or video clip and not by translating word by word.


By the end of the module students will be able to:

identify and reformulate key ideas in a range of spoken materials
identify and reformulate key ideas in a range of written texts
maintain a coherent flow of speech for a short period
organise ideas effectively and present them using cohesive devices
speak on a variety of topics using appropriate register and accurate language
speak fluently and with confidence


Students will be assessed throughout the course. There will also be a final assessment consisting of a short text to be summarized and reformulated orally.


All classroom materials will be provided by the course tutor.