MSiI1 (SL)

Anno accademico: 2016–17
Corso: Lingua e civiltà lingua inglese
Insegnamento: Mediazione scritta IN inglese 1 (SL) – Introduzione alla traduzione attiva
CFU: 4.5
Docente: Kathleen Marie Hughes (


The course will begin with basic grammatical contrastive analysis based on the reading, analysis and translation of authentic and semi-authentic texts which have been chosen to illustrate areas of linguistic contrast, particularly with regard to the tense system and syntax. Focus will also be given to lexical aspects dealing with everyday life and more specialised areas which are of high frequency in everyday language (medicine, economics, clothing, furniture, etc.).

Students will primarily be concerned with translating small units of language (utterances, brief sentences, and/or texts specifically chosen to highlight linguistic differences).

The texts will gradually become more complex while still maintaining focus on the inherent differences between the two language systems, with particular reference to semantics and pragmatics.


The main aim of the course is to encourage students to think beyond the concept of “translation” as the transposition of merely lexical items from one language to another. By the end of the course students will have acquired the ability to analyse both the semantic and pragmatic functions of an Italian source text and to make appropriate choices when rendering these functions into English.


At the end of the module students will be expected to sit for a 2-hour exam. In the first hour, students will be asked to translate a series of short exchanges, focusing on lexical -grammatical content, without the aid of a dictionary. In the second hour students will be asked to translate a longer text (150 words approx.) with the help of on-line dictionaries. The text will be of a similar type to those dealt with during the course.



All materials will be provided by the course tutor.